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{{key}}: {{value}} Orignal: {{selectedPointOriginal.x}}ms, {{selectedPointOriginal.y}}%

Adjust Points right of marker

Start: {{currentTime}}, stop: {{rangeStop}}

Add pattern

Length: {{selectedPattern.length}}
Delay: {{selectedPattern.delay}}
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Click to play Left Click for bottom Right click for top

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Bottom point ({{doubleClickRange.min }})

Toggle click box

Click click on fully in and fully out (penis fully inserted)

Single click box

Click only on penis fully inserted. Penis fully out will be calculated based on the last point

Top point ({{singleClickRange.max }})

Bottom point ({{singleClickRange.min }})

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Points in range

All visible points to the right of the current marker

  • {{ point.x }}ms: {{ point.y}}% {{key}}: {{value}}